EASTON Fatboy Shafts (Dozen)

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The FatBoy is a carbon arrow line cutter, designed for 3D and target archers. The number one carbon arrow for IBO & ASA professional shooters, the FatBoy offers speed, large diameter, and Easton accuracy resulting in higher scores for serious archers.  They come with factory Unibushings and Easton G nocks installed.


If you purchase more than a dozen shafts, across any brand, AV will cut the shafts at a length of your choice for no extra cost.

If you purchase a dozen shafts, again, across any brand, AV will cut the shafts at an extra cost of $5.00.

Please note: For shafts that require inserts or outserts, the effect of the outserts and inserts needs to be taken into account. The outserts  overhang the shaft, effectively reducing the length of the shaft.

The length options for these cut shafts refers to the length from the nock throat to the end of the shaft, or where the outsert or insert starts.