EASTON FMJ Dangerous Game Shafts (Dozen)

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The Full Metal Jacket Dangerous Game arrows are the heaviest and hardest hitting arrows in Easton’s line.  They are slimmer profile shafts, using a carbon inner core with an aluminium outer ‘jacket’, and come in two stiff spines, 250 and 300.  These arrows are designed for serious penetration, on large game or where extra arrow weight is required.


These shafts come with HIT inserts (at 16 grains each) and require Broadhead Adaptor Rings to shoot broadheads.

If you purchase more than a dozen shafts, across any brand, AV will cut the shafts at a length of your choice for no extra cost.

If you purchase either 1/2 dozen or a dozen shafts, AV will cut the shafts at an extra cost of $5.00.

Please note: For shafts that require inserts or outserts, the effect of the outserts and inserts needs to be taken into account. The outserts  overhang the shaft, effectively reducing the length of the shaft.

The length options for these cut shafts refers to the length from the nock throat to the end of the shaft, or where the outsert or insert starts.