HOYT 2013 Carbon Element G3

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Brand new, Hoyt's compact hunting bow in Camo. It features the popular RKT Cam (which we have here at Archeryville), Carbon rister, several Cam options and brace height up to 6 7/8 inches.


  • Right-handed;
  • #2 Turbo Cams;
  • 60-70lb;
  • 27-29 inches draw length;
  • Blackout on limbs and riser.


  • Other draw weight limbs may be available from time to time; 
  • Custom strong sets available for order;
  • Other draw length modules and base Cams may be available for conversion or alteration from time to time (including Z3 and Z5 Cams);
  • Target colours (for some bows) may be available;
  • Hoyt Colour kits (for grip, suppressor, Airshox and other items) are available;
  • Cable slide conversion (including installation) amongst other options are available.