EBERLESTOCK Blue Widow backpack JP9

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  • 4700 cubic inches (77 litres), expandable up to 7700 cubic inches (125 litres)

  • Dimensions:  25 inches long, 13 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

  • Compatible with J-series duffel and bow bucket or rifle scabbard.


The pack is a consummate multi-day walk-in or back-country hiking pack.  It will perform under a wide range of load conditions.  This sports a flex chassis which can fold forward.  This pack is made to take additional accessories (such as scabbard, or accessories pouch).  

The Blue Widow can be further expanded by adding one of the J-type duffel bag accessories (which is available on this website).


The second hand Dry Earth BW JP9 is missing the fanny pack/top compartment but is otherwise new and unused.