-Where and what are you?-


Archeryville or AV is an online store only.  We have archery gear for sale at a variety of price points.  


-How do you calculate shipping?-


We calculate based upon either Australia Post (or in rare cases) upon the lowest courier rates we have available to us.  We endeavour to replicate the cost to us of sending to you.  We don't 'load up' postage rates in order to use this as a profit point.


Shipping costs will be calculated at the end of your transaction, and represent the cost of  wrapping (most often) and posting (always) an item or items to you.  If you purchase more than $1000 in a single transaction (even spread over many items) contact us to discuss a postage discount.


-Stock and shipping times-


We offer for sale only those items we have directly in stock - here, now, in Australia and not sourced from overseas.


Subject to workflow, we endeavour to ship to you within one business day.